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Mobile Marketing News for May 2015

Mobile News Round-up

Hey there! Another month has come and gone, and along with it a slew of news, reports and updates that are changing the world of mobile! Here’s the latest in our monthly series on mobile marketing news – let’s jump in: Google Play introduces pre-registration for new apps For app publishers looking to get a […]

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10 mistakes that will blow your app launch (and how to avoid them!)

app launch mistakes

Launching a new mobile app is exciting – you want to share it with the world and see it succeed. But, marketing your new app can also be stressful – the last thing you want to do is blow your big launch. A well planned launch campaign has major potential to build awareness, drive downloads and push your app up the app store rankings.  However, […]

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7 tips on creating a great app icon

7 design tips for creating a great app icon

Designing the icon for your application is a crucial part to finding success on any marketplace. Popular platforms such as the iPhone App Store are crowded and fiercely competitive. This makes design more important than ever for both your icon and user interface. Your app icon will be the first thing potential users see which […]

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DIY: How to Make an Effective App Demo Video


A video makes information processing easier. People understand better, see more and get to know more. What a full length post achieves in so many words a video does in a couple dozen seconds. An app video can be embedded on sites like Wistia, DailyMotion or YouTube so that anyone can have free access to […]

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3 Undeniable Reasons To Test Your App Before Launch


So you’re done building your app and can’t wait to launch it on the stores? Before you submit your app to the app store, have you taken the time to test your app? Final tests should be conducted on your app pre-flight to check for design mistakes, usability issues and access bugs. Taking the time to ‘proofread’ your app can help you find minor […]

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8 ways to make sure your app isn’t rejected from the App Stores


You’ve created your first awesome app and you’re ready to publish it. Are you worried your submission might be rejected from the app stores? If your app is for iOS, you probably know that you face some strict guidelines from the Apple Store. And even if Google Play will be easier on your submission, bugs or non-compliant design features […]

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How to supercharge your mobile content strategy with a native app

Content marketing and mobile apps featured image

Content marketing is a major focus for web marketers. Whether it be blog posts, ebooks, webinars or online events, content is the fuel for inbound marketing, helping online businesses generate, qualify and move leads through their sales funnels. According to the inbound marketing methodology, top funnel content like social media & blog posts work to attract traffic towards landing pages (or lead forms) […]

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Mobile Marketing News for April 2015

Mobile News Round-up

A monthly round-up of the latest mobile marketing news, trends, stats and more! Mobilegeddon – the aftermath? This month there was much attention devoted to what many in the digital space called “Mobilegeddon” – Google’s algorithm change that would start seeing mobile-friendliness effect your sites ranking in mobile search. While it’s unclear how many of […]

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Why you should add video content to your mobile app

featured_video playlists

You know what they say: ‘An image is worth a thousand words’. It’s hard to argue against that, but if you stop and think for a second you’ll realize there is another step to the journey: video! Living in the digital world, we all find ourselves dealing with multimedia content on a daily basis – […]

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