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How Not To Sell Your App: Paid vs Free Apps

paid-vs-free-apps (2)

When launching your app on the app stores, one question that always comes to mind, no matter what type of app you’ve created is: “Should my app be free or paid?”. Between paid, free, trial or freemium selling your app can get confusing, but for the moment, let’s concentrate on the two categories available: Free vs. […]

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Enterprise Apps: the in-house mobile solution

Office worker

If you’re a worker in a fairly big company, you’ll probably find it sometimes challenging to get a sense of everything that is going on – company news, team events, product updates and so on. On the flip side, if you are part of a management team your main interests will be to drive business growth […]

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Mobile Marketing News for February 2015

Mobile News Round-up

A monthly round-up of the need-to-know mobile marketing news, trends, stats and more! App Usage Peaks at 8pm If you’re ever wondered when people are most using a mobile device have no fear, Localytics has found that 8pm is the usage sweet spot across a wide variety of apps. Understanding when users are engages with apps […]

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App Discovery Platforms: Increase app visibility & downloads!

Get Your Mobile App Discovered, Reviewed (1)

Your app is up on the stores but you’re not getting found by as many potential app users as you expected. You’ve optimized your keywords and done your ASO homework, but the truth is that relying on the app stores alone for app discovery is risky business, especially when you’ve just launched a new app. Judging from recent […]

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Why B2B mobile marketing is about to explode

Explode effect

B2B marketing has always sort of gotten a bad rap. It’s the less creative, conservative, boring little brother to B2C marketing. It seems like consumer marketing is always adopting new trends first – even within mobile – while B2B traditionally trails behind. But is all that changing? According to some new stats out of Salesforce’s annual State of Marketing report, 46% […]

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How to send perfect push notifications in 3 easy steps!

Writing Push Notifications Thumbnail

The average smartphone owner has downloaded an average of 25 apps to their phone, but actually only uses about 5 of them. That means on average about 20 apps are just sitting unused… and likely to be deleted. So how can you ensure your app is getting the attention it deserves? The answer: send push notifications […]

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Climbing app store charts with app ratings and reviews

Higher rankings-

Every app marketer (you and I included) dream of 5 star ratings on the app store. But what exactly is all the fuss about? To put it simply, more positive reviews will help us attract new users. Users searching for new apps, read reviews, see how many stars, Google +’s or Facebook Likes you have […]

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5 sweet Valentine mobile marketing ideas to boost app usage!

Valentine ideas mobile marketing

February 14th. Whether it means romance or is just another date on the calendar, one thing is for sure - Valentine’s Day is big business. Ranking as the second highest holiday for spending (after Christmas), Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to increase revenues. Combine the latest research that  a quarter of Valentine’s Day shoppers plan to make some portion of their purchases […]

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5 things you can learn from competitor ASO analysis

Monitoring your competitors ASO

You’ve completed your ASO checklist, you saw steady improvements in your organic traffic, but now you’ve hit a plateau. What can you do next? Take a look at your competitors! App competition gets increasingly aggressive every day as hundreds of new app hit the stores, but there are lessons to be learned, if you know what you look for! In […]

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The mobile app metrics every marketer should know (and track!)

Measuring mobile app success

It’s no secret that measuring the success of your app can help you optimize your mobile strategy. Metrics help you focus on activities that resonate most with users.  In fact, closed-loop app analytics help brands acquire, engage, and retain app users, while turning a positive ROI. But do you know which mobile app metrics you should be tracking? […]

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