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5 undeniable reasons to join us at SME Mobile Strategies 2014

2 reasons

The countdown is on!  SME Mobile Strategies 2014 kicks off in 5 days and to celebrate here are the top 5 undeniable reasons you need to attend! Reason #1 –  Hear from an awesome list of speakers! We’ve gathered a pretty amazing list of speakers that include the likes of Hootsuite, Facebook, UserTesting, Salesforce, and more! Plus, […]

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Introducing our brand NEW App Wizard: easy as pie!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.10.36 PM

The world is going mobile. Actually, it’s been for a while. With 88% of total 2.4 billion pc & mobile shipments worldwide being of smartphones and tablets in 2013, it’s easy to imagine where all this is going: more mobile devices. And therefore, more opportunities to leverage the power of this incredible technology and allow […]

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The £50 billion reason you can’t ignore mobile any longer!

£50 billion reason you cant ignore mobile any longer

What if I told you that right now that your business is missing out on a piece of a £50 billion revenue stream?  You’d be asking me where to sign up, right? Well then what if I told you that the way to claim your stake is by developing your mobile presence? You’re likely thinking: Where do I […]

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AppsBuilder Reseller Program: Create Beautiful Apps for Clients

AppsBuilder Reseller Program

Mobile is without a doubt one of the biggest trends of the 21st century, easily connecting people to brands and forcing businesses to innovate their marketing models to capture more customers and increase loyalty. According to Google Mobile Planet Statistics, 94% of smartphone owners use their device for local search, resulting in 51% of users visiting […]

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Top 5 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2014


With mobile adoption growing at an unprecedented speed – twice as fast as the Internet and three times faster than social media – it is easy to understand why mobile can no longer be considered as “the next big thing” of our times: the mobile age is here and now, growing and expanding faster than […]

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Doctors’ Lives Made Easier by Mobile App

apps for hospitals

A couple of weeks ago we received a surprise in our inboxes. It was a photo showing an app created with our platform being used in an operating theatre. The photo was sent to us by one of our clients, Dr. Søren Carstens, Senior Consultant in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care at Roskilde University Hospital, Denmark. […]

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[Free Ebook] The A-Z Guide to Create and Promote Apps For Events

AppsBuilder ebook apps for events_download

Whether you are a small business just starting to gain ground in your target market, or a bigger and more established business already known in the global arena, you will have the same basic goal: grow even more. That’s why business strategies always need to take into account the way the times change, together with […]

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How to Prompt App Downloads with Design

webinar app icon and splash image

In times when the catchphrase “go mobile” sounds like a mantra for SMEs and big brands, we often read about the amazing figures generated by apps on global markets. But how big is exactly the app economy?   The App Economy: Facts and Figures During Apple’s last iPad event in October 2013, Tim Cook started talking […]

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New Funding of $1.5M: AppsBuilder on the lookout for new talents and international markets

appsbuilder 2014

I am excited to announce that we have raised a new funding round of $1.5M from United Ventures, bringing the company’s funding total to $3.5 million. This new injection of capital is led by United Ventures, the largest technology-focused VC firm in Italy, whose expertise and dedication to the most visionary tech companies worldwide put […]

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