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5 game-changing stats that prove mobile is taking over!

Mobile is a game changer

“The Year of Mobile”. We’ve been hearing this for what seems like forever, and after much anticipation it’s finally safe to say that mobile HAS arrived! There’s no doubt that consumers are more attached to their smartphones than ever, but we’ve been collecting some of the most noteworthy stats that prove that mobile is force to […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Geotargeting Vs. Geofencing Vs. Beaconing: the art of nailing time and place


You know what they say: ‘timing is everything’. When it comes to mobile, there’s one more thing you want to add in the equation, and that’s location. With consumers increasingly on-the-go and information clouding up more than ever, it all comes back to the essentials: giving people what they want, when they want it. Location based marketing is […]

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How restaurants are feeding consumers’ mobile appetite

Hungry and looking for a place to eat? If you reach for your phone to start your search, you’re not alone. As consumers who are increasingly on-the-go, we search for restaurants in our area, read reviews, browse menus, use click-to-call to book a table, get directions, and then share our reviews, formally or informally, via social media, all through […]

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5 business boosting ways to use pop-up messages


Admit it: you love it when you come across something new and exciting. Think of a cool new pub or a brand new store opening: you’ll check it out and rave about the ‘new thing’ in town. For a while at least. Unless of course they keep doing something to keep you interested. Well, this is true for mobile […]

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Which features does your business app need?


So your business has decided that it’s time to go mobile with an app – but what type of content and features will you include? Before getting started, you should plan your mobile strategy with your business objectives in mind.  We’ve compiled a quick list of features you may want to include in your app depending on your business, whether […]

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Geo-fencing vs. beaconing: What’s the difference?


Beacons are definitely the new cool kid on the mobile app engagement block. With beacons you can program alerts to arrive directly to your app user’s smartphone when customers are close-by. Sounds a bit like geo-fencing you say? Geo-fencing and beaconing certainly do have their similarities (they both use push notifications to increase engagement), but both […]

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3 Proven Methods to Optimize your Website Conversions

Optimize website

As a small business owner you’ve got a lot on your mind. Staffing, sales goals, overhead costs… the list goes on. You’ve done a great job at developing a site and your mobile presence, but time has passed since you revisited your digital strategy. We understand, things come up. But converting visitors (mobile and desktop) is just as […]

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User Engagement: Getting users to fall in love with your app!


Many businesses think that once they’ve created an amazing app all of the work is done. Their new app - with up-to-date content, integrated social media feed, m-commerce, etc. – is out there in the mobile universe and sooner or later, will help them reach all of their business goals. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and wait for […]

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Why your agency should use a white label app builder

white label

As many agencies know, mobile needs to be a part of your portfolio in order to land today’s digital savvy client. However, either due to a lack of resources or internal skills, agencies often need to rely on external technical partners to get the “mobile” job done. Rightly so, agencies focus on their strengths, be it […]

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