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Mobile Marketing News for March 2015

Mobile News Round-up

A monthly round-up of the need-to-know mobile marketing news, trends, stats and more! Google Play introduces age-based ratings and review requirements Google Play has introduced a new, locally relevant age-based rating system for apps and games that will also require all apps are checked by Google reviewers.  While the news comes on the heels of criticism for the […]

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A step-by-step guide to keyword research

Keywords-Mobile-Apps -Suggestions

Giving advice, news and updates is not the only intention of our posts. We constantly monitor our clients’ apps through the stores to view where we can boost your downloads even more. After having noticed publishers making use of our App Store Optimization (ASO) tips, we decided to delve deeper into keyword optimization. Keyword optimization […]

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3 ways to use mobile friendly forms in your app


Pen and paper: that’s how we all started, right? We’ve all found ourselves signing ourselves up to receive mail, requesting appointments, or  filling out questionnaire whilst back in the day even multinational companies and institutes did their research by sending out printed forms. Ah, the old times. Nowadays, it’s all smartphones and tablets, digital communications and savvy simplicity. Where the web […]

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How much should you pay for mobile user acquisition?


When it comes to performance user acquisition campaigns on mobile, which price is right? The question above, as straightforward as it might be, has no simple answer. Many factors can indeed influence  or even determine whether a performance-based user acquisition campaign will be successful. At AppLift, we’ve run performance campaigns for over 500 mobile app […]

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In-App Advertising: Monetizing Your App

in app ads

Evolution! The gradual change in a certain direction. If you have an app with an active user base, now is the time you’re probably thinking about how you can monetize your app. And, just as your app strategy has evolved so has monetization.  From 2008 to 2011, publishers mainly focused on paid apps to generate revenue. After that, […]

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Welcome to a new AppsBuilder!

New platform AppsBuilder 4.0

If you’ve passed through our website today, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve gotten a bit of a make-over! In fact, today we’re launching a whole new AppsBuilder, complete with a shiny new website, support center – and last but certainly not least – a whole slew of improvements to our platform. So why the changes? […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube to Boost Mobile User Acquisition

Youtube user aquisition square

There are currently over 1 billion users on YouTube who watch over 6 billion videos monthly and what’s even more impressive is that the total number of hours watched is growing 50% year over year. What is not as surprising is that this medium has surpassed its reach as a video consumption platform and can […]

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How Not To Sell Your App: Paid vs Free Apps

paid-vs-free-apps (2)

When launching your app on the app stores, one question that always comes to mind, no matter what type of app you’ve created is: “Should my app be free or paid?”. Between paid, free, trial or freemium selling your app can get confusing, but for the moment, let’s concentrate on the two categories available: Free vs. […]

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Enterprise Apps: the in-house mobile solution

Office worker

If you’re a worker in a fairly big company, you’ll probably find it sometimes challenging to get a sense of everything that is going on – company news, team events, product updates and so on. On the flip side, if you are part of a management team your main interests will be to drive business growth […]

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Mobile Marketing News for February 2015

Mobile News Round-up

A monthly round-up of the need-to-know mobile marketing news, trends, stats and more! App Usage Peaks at 8pm If you’re ever wondered when people are most using a mobile device have no fear, Localytics has found that 8pm is the usage sweet spot across a wide variety of apps. Understanding when users are engages with apps […]

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