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Mobile Marketing News July 2015

Mobile News Round-up

It may be summer but that doesn’t mean that mobile news goes on vacation! This month we’ve got new stats on mobile usage, engagement and more! Let’s dive in… Comparing Mobile Usage & Engagement in US, Canada, UK Comscore has released their latest edition of The Global Report on Mobile, looking at multi-platform audiences across the US, […]

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How App Developers Should Manage Consumer Complaints

negative app reviews

It’s been nearly 2 years since it was first reported that Apple had supposedly started factoring app ratings into the App Store’s search algorithm. Fiksu analysed the chart position of 200 top apps, segmenting them into groups based on their average app rating, and then compared their chart rank data over a period of 6 […]

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The Ultimate List of App Marketing Hacks

essential push notification campaigns (5)

Ever wished you had a list of app marketing tools to refer to when you need to promote your app,  increase your organic app store traffic or drive more downloads (from quality users!). Well, your prayers have been answered! We’ve compile a list of our favorite tools, resources and sites that will help you hack your way around mobile apps. App Marketing […]

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How to get started with competitor app review mining

app review mining competitive analysis

App reviews are a key driver of app success. On one side, positive or negative reviews can either attract or deter new users, effecting acquisition goals and app store visibility. On another side, reviews can also give us insight into the user experience and sentiment, helping guide and prioritize fixes, functionality improvements or new feature development. However, when we’re only looking at our own reviews, […]

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5 strategies to fight low app usage this summer

app usage summer

Summertime… and the livin’ is easy! We forget about work, disconnect from technology and set our sights on having fun in the sun. However, as we take a break from our desktops, many businesses struggle to drive traffic and sales in the summer months. Thankfully, smartphones - specifically mobile apps – offer businesses the unique opportunity to reach consumers wherever they are, engaging them […]

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Mobile Marketing News for June 2015

Mobile News Round-up

Summer is here! And along with the nice weather is a brand new round-up of the latest mobile marketing news. So grab your iced coffee and happy reading! Facebook pushes Place Tips, offers beacons to small businesses This month, Facebook announced that it will be rolling out Place Tips a feature displays relevant information about a place […]

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Improved Customer Experience Tops Reasons Small Businesses Opt for Mobile Apps

25 (2)

Mobile apps are a unique marketing channel that allow businesses to engage with their most loyal customers.  At AppsBuilder we make it easy for small businesses to create and manage their own app, but are they taking advantage? Clutch, a leading research firm in the mobile app development space, surveyed 350+ small business owners to find out. I […]

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5 Tips For Creating Killer Facebook Ads for Apps

essential push notification campaigns (2)

In my previous post here at AppsBuilder I discussed 5 ways that you can improve your Facebook Ad Targeting. Getting your ad targeting right is the first step. Next, you need to make sure that the ad creative you put in front of your audience actually convinces them to click on it. Here are 5 […]

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5 Push Notification Campaigns Every App Needs!


As an app marketer, you know how push notification campaigns and marketing automation can be the ultimate user engagement tool. Push notifications allow you to reach users outside your app, providing them with timely, relevant information that will make them want to launch your app again and again. It’s also no secret that leveraging personalization & geolocation can bring your […]

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8 Key Takeaways for App Marketers from Google I/O 2015

IO Google 15 app marketing takeaways thumbnail

Google I/O 2015 has come and gone, and while there were many rumors about what to expect, to say that the emphasis was on mobile is an understatement! Google announced a slew of improvements and new tools focused on improving app promotion and discoverability, optimization of user acquisition campaigns and giving app publishers better insights with enhanced […]

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