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Zombie apps are among us! Fight back with app promotion!

Zombie app

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to address a serious issue facing app marketers: zombie apps! What is a zombie app you ask? Essentially, it’s an app that doesn’t get enough attention to rank in the top lists on the App Store – it’s just kinda there, lifeless. […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Mobile shopping this holiday season

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.18.27 PM

It’s here! You know the song, right? ‘Tis the season to… shop!’ Yes, we might have changed it a bit, but so has the shopping experience in the last decade. eCommerce started the revolution by allowing people to receive their purchased goods directly at home, saving time, possibly money and a whole lot of stress too. […]

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mCommerce and retailers: the App revolution

friends shop mobile

Remember the time when people used to wait for the weekend to go out for a little shopping? Trying to avoid peak hours by carefully planning the best store route? While the occasional stroll around the mall or city centre still has its charm, it’s no news that the shopping experience has changed globally. eCommerce has […]

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Capture and convert your customers with mCommerce

ecommerce cover graphic only

There’s no doubting that eCommerce has changed the way we buy, and now mobile is shifting consumer behavior and claiming a bigger slice of the pie. However, an overwhelming number of businesses still don’t have a mobile strategy. So, why invest in mCommerce? According to Internet Retailer, traffic from mobile now accounts for more than […]

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4 reasons why professionals should invest in a native app

prof surf mobile

Professionals rely on self-promotion to expand their reach and get new clients. If you’re an accountant, physiotherapist, fitness trainer, freelance designer, dentist or any other professional that isn’t backed by a marketing team, you’re in charge of how clients will find out about your services. With consumers doing more and more research via their mobile phones, […]

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6 fast fixes to optimize your emails for mobile

you've got email

Email is a great way for brands to let customers (who have opted-in) know the latest and greatest news and offers. With 91% of smartphone owners reporting that they check their inbox from their phones, email has the potential to engage a captive audience, if the message is right! (2014 Mobile Behavior Report) To help you […]

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How to develop an app in 4 easy steps

design an app

Here at AppsBuilder we pride ourselves on giving everyone the tools they need to develop their own app, but we also understand that many people don’t quite know where to start. We figured we’d help break down the steps, just as any pro developer would, to help you manage your app project strategically. Step 1: […]

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Is a mobile-only world in our future?

Mobile only world

With all the stats pointing to show that mobile is a huge game-changer, it begs the question: Is a mobile-only world in our future? Is desktop going the way of the dinosaur? Sales of PCs are on the decline With consumers putting their purchasing power behind new smartphones and tablets, PC sales have gotten a […]

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5 game-changing stats that prove mobile is taking over!

Mobile is a game changer

“The Year of Mobile”. We’ve been hearing this for what seems like forever, and after much anticipation it’s finally safe to say that mobile HAS arrived! There’s no doubt that consumers are more attached to their smartphones than ever, but we’ve been collecting some of the most noteworthy stats that prove that mobile is force to […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Geotargeting Vs. Geofencing Vs. Beaconing: the art of nailing time and place


You know what they say: ‘timing is everything’. When it comes to mobile, there’s one more thing you want to add in the equation, and that’s location. With consumers increasingly on-the-go and information clouding up more than ever, it all comes back to the essentials: giving people what they want, when they want it. Location based marketing is […]

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