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5 game-changing stats that prove mobile is taking over!

mobile game changer“The Year of Mobile”. After hearing this for what seems like forever,  it’s finally safe to say that mobile is taking over! There’s no doubt that consumers are more attached to their smartphones than ever, but we’ve been collecting some of the most noteworthy stats that prove that mobile is force to be reckoned with – a true game changer that will make or break your business. So, this one goes out to all the business owners & marketers who still have their doubts about investing in mobile:

1. More than 1 billion smartphones were shipped in 2013…

This brings us to almost 70% penetration in the US and 71% in Europe (Comscore). With smartphone penetration worldwide hovering below 40%, the mobile minority has quickly become a majority marketers need to address. 

2. Mobile has overtaken desktop usage

share of us digital media time spent by platformIt wasn’t that long ago that we would switch to a desktop PC for researching & purchasing. Nowadays, mobile is the fast and easy way to access information & makes purchases, thanks to mobile-friendly sites and apps that are streamlining the online experience.  In fact, mobile makes up 60% of time spent accessing digital media. Tablets have also helped cut into desktops share of time spent interacting with multimedia, as the portable, larger screen was a game changer for video.

3. Apps are outpacing the mobile web

When it comes to mobile usage, apps make up 86% of time spent on mobile devices, dominating the way users find and share content.
Mobile App UsageWhat does this mean for small & media business owners? Two things. Number 1: your customer is used to apps, and likes using them! Give your customer a streamlined experience with your business app and reap the benefits of increased engagement! Number 2: If you want to get new mobile traffic to your site, you have to think beyond mobile browser search. Think social media (and paid ads) and referral (from mobile sites/apps your target is visiting)

4. Multi-platform today, mobile only tomorrow?

With desktop-only usage decreasing across all age groups and mobile adoption intensifying, we’ve become a multi-platform consumer.

Multi platform users are mobile only

Source: Comscore

18-34 show the highest likelihood of being multi-platform (74%), switching between different devices according to the time of day, preference for accessing certain content and location. However, we’re also seeing a growing percentage of user who have abandoned desktop all together, using only mobile (smartphone or tablets) to access the web. In fact, 16.8% of 25-34 year olds are mobile only, while 14.8% of the 18-24 age group have abandoned desktop completely. Surprisingly enough, even seniors are showing a growing affinity to mobile, likely linked to the popularity & accessibility of tablets & phablets.

5. mCommerce is growing!

Consumers are making more purchases via mobile thanks to increased security and ease of mobile web and app payment. Since 2010, mCommerce has grown from 1.8% to over 11% of total e-Commerce spending ($204 billion in 2014). Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2018 mobile spending will account for half of total eCommerce spending, projecting $626 billion in sales. Although mobile payment has not gone mainstream, the popularity of new mobile payment systems like Apple Pay, which makes it easier for retailers to take in-app payments, will certainly help raise consumer’s comfort levels with buying via their mobile.

mCommerce in eCommerce

So there you have it! Mobile is without a doubt taking over – and businesses who jump onto mobile and make it central to their marketing & sales strategies will certainly be the ones reaping the most benefits!

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