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5 Push Notification Campaigns Every App Needs!

push notification campaigns essentials for app marketers

As an app marketer, you know how push notification campaigns and marketing automation can be the ultimate user engagement tool. Push notifications allow you to reach users outside your app, providing them with timely, relevant information that will make them want to launch your app again and again. It’s also no secret that leveraging personalization & geolocation can bring your brand closer to your app users, increase conversions, build loyalty and ultimately boost your ROI by generating mobile revenues.

But knowing why you should use push notifications is different from actually setting up your campaigns. Not sure where to get started? Here are the  5 push notification campaigns every app marketer should set up, from new user on-boarding to nurturing your relationship with your app’s most loyal users:


1. The Welcome campaign


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Sending a welcome message to your new app user is the first opportunity to set the tone of future communication and direct the user towards the first important in-app event. Ask yourself: “What can I communicate to provide immediate value?” and “What should a new user accomplish on their second visit”. If your app is a shopping app, you might want to consider welcoming new users with a special offer or discount as an incentive to make their first purchase. Remember, the goal is to make sure the user launches your app again!


2. The Re-targeting campaign

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Another push notification campaign essential to every app marketer is one that re-targets users who have not yet completed specific in-app actions. For example, bring less engaged users back to your app with push notifications that focus on content that leads them down a conversion path while you remind high-intent users to complete a specific action, like returning to the shopping cart they abandoned.  Segmenting  push messages according to past in-app behavior and conversion intent not only helps you increase app usage but also increases user lifetime value (LTV).


3. The Re-engage lapsed users campaign

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Some users download an app and are active for the first couple of months, but then slowly use the app less and less. A well planned, proactive push notification campaign targeting lapsed users can help you keep user adoption high.  Target users who are at risk of becoming inactive with a push notification that sparks their curiosity and gets them back into your app. You can even personalize these push notifications according to past behavior, preferences or purchase history. For example, alert users to exclusive mobile content or offers that they’ll find hard to resist!


4.  The Location-based campaign

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Mobile gives marketers the unique opportunity to reach users anywhere & everywhere – and smart app marketers leverage this to increase app engagement. Bridge the gap between the digital and real world by targeting users in specific areas for local promotions, events and offers with geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting has gotten a bad rap for coming off as creepy, but you can combat this by reserving location based marketing for users who you have developed a relationship with. For example, you may not want to send location-based messages to inactive users or those who don’t open your general push notifications as it could backfire and result in an opt-out. A better strategy could be to only target users who have engaged with a specific piece of content or performed a specific in-app action. In short, how you go about building “real” relationships will depend on your business.


5. The Reward campaign

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No matter what type of app you have – from content publishers to mCommerce –  engagement is important, but don’t forget retention. To keep users from deleting your app you’ve got to build their loyalty, and push notifications can help you. Once users have completed a conversion goal why not send them a thank you message that adds value. For example, if you’re in the travel sector, after a user books a flight why not send them a message with a discount, an exclusive offer, or even a link to suggested content, like a link to the hottest restaurants in their destination? Besides going out of your way to thank your customers, you’re also giving them more reason to use your app and this will pay off in terms of user retention and LTV.

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