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5 undeniable reasons to join us at SME Mobile Strategies 2014

2 reasonsThe countdown is on!  SME Mobile Strategies 2014 kicks off in 5 days and to celebrate here are the top 5 undeniable reasons you need to attend!

Reason #1 –  Hear from an awesome list of speakers!

List of speakersWe’ve gathered a pretty amazing list of speakers that include the likes of Hootsuite, Facebook, UserTesting, Salesforce, and more! Plus, you get a front row seat for FREE! Pick and choose from a series of video interviews that are completely free to watch live online and get access to expert opinions, from the comfort of your home or office!

Reason # 2 – Learn the latest mobile trends (as they happen!)

Tap into the pulse of mobile, from the people who shape mobile! We’ve got a jam packed agenda covering all the major mobile trends that impact businesses – from getting found by mobile users, to promoting your business via mobile, to ways mobile can help you increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Plus, after you register, be sure to check out the resources we’ve handpicked to bring you up to speed on creating a mobile presence.

Reason # 3 – Ask your burning questions

Want to know which mobile trend you should invest in?  Or which m-commerce strategies bring results? Now is your chance! During our live interviews, you’ll have to a chance to connect via a live chat, send your questions, and get immediate feedback from our experts.

Reason # 4 – Get inspired with case studies

check-in loyalty cardWe’re teaming up with some of the best mobile agencies to showcase winning mobile strategies from successful SMEs in the UK. See exactly how real businesses have harnessed the power of mobile to reach more customers, develop their m-commerce channel & improve customer retention. What better way to inspire your own mobile presence than seeing what others are doing!

Reason # 5 – Jump start your own mobile strategy!

Walk away with a wealth of knowledge and a game plan for getting your mobile strategy off the ground. Developing a mobile presence is an ongoing process, so whether you’re just starting out with a mobile site or you’re looking for new ways to optimize a native app, you’ll be sure to walk away with new bits of information and tips to put into action immediately.

Watch all the videos from SME Mobile Strategies 2014


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