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App Discovery Platforms: Increase app visibility & downloads!


Your app is up on the stores but you’re not getting found by as many potential app users as you expected. You’ve optimized your keywords and done your ASO homework, but the truth is that relying on the app stores alone for app discovery is risky business, especially when you’ve just launched a new app. Judging from recent reports that 83% of the apps in the App Store are currently considered a “zombie app”apps that aren’t seen in ranking charts and can only be found by searching for a specific type of app, or by searching for the app’s name directly – there are definitely strides to be made in app discovery. 

So what’s an app marketer’s task?  To look outside the app store to drive traffic for user acquisition. While paying for app install ads is one option, discovery platforms may be another option to try out. Discovery platforms review, categorize and promote apps to specific types of  users who are always looking for new apps. So where to spread the word of your app? Here are some examples of platforms and apps that allow publishers to submit their creations:

Discovery Platforms:

appgratis Are you selling your app for a price – even if Free apps will account for 94% of total downloads in 2016? Then why not sell your app for a discount, or make it free for a day? Daily deals apps (or ‘free app a day’ apps) are arguably the most popular form of discovery platform. Users get a cheap or free app and developers get a massive boost in downloads, pushing them up the charts. Other similar services include FreeMyApps and AppsFire.
Platforms:Web, Android  

appcrawlr They include most of the apps found on stores. Other than popularity trend and overall rating, App Crawlr groups all similar reviews into categories to simplify decision making. Another advantage would be that your app is shown in different categories simultaneously. Be sure to have beautiful screenshots to give users a great first impression.
Platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Windows

apppicker Not only is App Picker used to discover apps, but it also allows you to have your app discounted for a certain time frame. The platform also has an “Apps Gone Free” section to download previously paid apps for free. Surfers can add your app to their watchlist to receive notifications when the price drops. App discovery platforms allow you to generate traffic to your app by enabling share buttons for individual apps. When browsing, a user can share your app through more than 7 social media platforms.
Platforms: iOS


Instead of targeting operating systems, The iPhone Mom decided to have parents (mothers in specific) as a target. In general it is an iPhone app review site aimed at parents and covering children’s apps mainly. Developers are invited to send apps in for review and showcases promotions/giveaways.
Platforms: Android, iOS

appstorm Features separate sites reviewing different operating systems, but all are part of the Envato network. Developers are welcomed to submit their own app. App Storm provides useful information for developers on their homepage. They split news according to operating systems.
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Web

preapps-logo Why wait till after your app is live to release it? PreeApps platform was created to gain a head-star on exposure. Paid services consist of Prelaunch Exposure, App Review Submission, Press Release Creation & Distribution Package, Demo Video Production, and App Store Optimization. Also, if you ever run out of ideas, check out the “App Ideas” page to share or learn of suggestions for apps. You can also signup to the platform to become an app tester.
Platform: Android, iOS

tapscape-logoUsed as an app discovery platform for regular visitors, this websites can be used by publishers to submit their app. They provide customized reviews for apps and useful news developers and geeks would appreciate. Their service may be free if you would like to wait in line and maybe get reviewed. Otherwise, it is possible to purchase their written review service for 89$ or 199$ for a video review of 1:30 seconds.
Platform: Android, iOS

Android Discovery Apps:

bestappsmarket-logoBest Apps Market offers review for free android apps only. There are three main categories on the app. The first is free: New Top Apps & New Top Games, everyday. Second, reviewed: Android experts test and review the best apps for you. Third, personalized: their algorithm learns what you like and brings more. You may contact them for a review of your app. No prices are mentioned on the website.


MoboGenie is more than an app discovery platform. It can help you clean up the mobile phone memory, let your mobile phone run faster and save battery power, transfer files from your Android to your PC and from your PC to your Android. Also, the app allows you to manage your phone’s pictures, applications, images and videos. There is no need to submit your app since they already feature most of apps available on Google Play.

iOS Discovery Apps:

 appZapp-app-review-site-iosWith a community of 2 million users, AppZapp offers standard reviews for mobile apps as well as daily deals. They notify users about the hottest discounts and new interesting releases. They have a form for publishers to submit a review request, but they do not mention the price. This app would be ideal for you to get a review and release it or even get an offer for your application.

Since more than 75% of Pinterest’s users come from mobile, they have been pushed to innovate the boards. Their new product, App Pins, is designed to make it easier for people to discover new smartphone apps. Currently, the Apple Store is the one who pins the apps it finds most useful and beautifully designed. Pinterest said it did not yet have any plans to make money directly from App Pins.


However, if Pinterest aims to follow in the footsteps of other social networks, App Pins could be significant for Pinterest’s business. How to get featured? Either wait for the release of paid advertising or make an amazing app to impress Apple developers.

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