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Spring is here: time to get an app makeover!

app makeover for spring

Can you feel it? It’s springtime!

While you’ve probably already made the change of season, your awesome app probably hasn’t. But as much as a dress needs to match a season, an app makeover can help you improve usage. And there’s a lot of proof to show that apps are worth the investment.

Data from Nielsen on mobile media time shows the consumer preference for mobile apps, which account for 89% of media time in mobile (as might be expected from the use of the most popular social networks, email and news apps):

Source: Nielsen

Monthly Usage of Apps (Source: Smart Insights)

So no wonder app optimization should be a top priority for any marketer looking to keep an audience engaged and boost loyalty. Here’s a few suggestions and tips you can use to make your app bloom once again on your users’ smartphones.

Refresh your layouts

Even if you have no plans of changing your app content, there are plenty of reasons why you can (and should) give it a fresh look to tune in with the new season. With AppsBuilder, you are able to easily change your menu and page layouts, update background colors and images, change font styles and navigation icons, to name a few.

Here is an example of how you can give an autumn-style home page menu and content page a new refreshing look:

app makeover spring 1 app makeover spring 2

Focus on the color difference and a new disposition of elements. As you can see from above, even by simply giving images more space you get a much more festive feel. Ready for summer?

What about that splash image?

What’s going to stand between your users and the fresh new layout you just gave your app? Your splash image: it’s going to show when your users open your app and it will stay with them until your app content is loaded. It’s a great showcase of the new updates they will find, so you should take the time to perk it up as well.

app makeover spring icon splash page

As far as icons go, they are your brand’s first ambassador! So make sure they embody your spirit 100%. If you’re still in the creative process and testing out options, you can check out how they look in action or get some inspiration from free design collections available on the web.

Last step: Optimize for the app stores

Now that your App got the seasonal makeover it deserved, it’s time to show it off! Update your app information on the app stores, to make sure that the new layout and content gets the right attention: if you also added new features, or tweaked existing ones, use that piece of news to showcase the new set of colors or design settings: it’ll be a great way to catch two birds with one stone.

How, you ask? Improve those app screenshots, for example: they help users understand what your app is all about at a glance, inspiring them to try it out. If they’re out for a stroll and starting to feel the heat, your freshly updated app with nice colors and a clean structure will inspire them to click the download button.

Also, don’t forget to target the season! Revisit your keyword selection to catch new audiences that might have spring specific necessities. For example, ‘spring offer’ if you offer year around special deals. Keyword optimization is important for both ASO and SEO since your apps can be discovered through search engine, so don’t underestimate their power.

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