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8 ways to make sure your app isn’t rejected from the App Stores

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You’ve created your first awesome app and you’re ready to publish it. Are you worried your submission might be rejected from the app stores? If your app is for iOS, you probably know that you face some strict guidelines from the Apple Store. And even if Google Play will be easier on your submission, bugs or non-compliant design features may still block your approval. Plus, as you can imagine, having to re-submit your app for approval can be time consuming and expensive (especially if you need to make design changes!).

So, why do apps get rejected from the app store? In this article we’re going to give you tips to help you avoid the top reasons your app might get rejected.

And if you’re also considering not publishing your app on a Store, but maybe releasing it as a private Enterprise App, many of these tips will still be precious. Enjoy!

1. Fight the crash

Crashing is never good. And sometimes it can be frustrating to figure out why it happens in the first place. In order to avoid it, make sure you test your application on all devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for Apple). Reasons why apps crash can vary from going in ‘out of memory’ (opening too many apps at the same time) to having uploaded too many images in a slider menu layout, for example.

2. Don’t lie!

IKEA Catalogue App

IKEA Catalogue App

Don’t oversell your app: list all the features and functionality users can expect to find in the description, pointing out how useful they can be and why. It is forbidden to include grayed out functions that will only be implemented in future versions, so make sure you’re honest about what you’re putting out there.

3. Follow the (design) rules



By following basic design principles and iOS issued guidelines you can be sure that your app’s superlative user experience won’t compromise your approval to any App Store. Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s guidelines for Android developers describe the basic principles to design a perfectly user-friendly interface. Both are serious about ensuring a high quality of design from their apps, so don’t underestimate your choice of aesthetics like color, font, icons and graphics.

4. (Don’t) show me the money

You are not supposed to include any reference to your app price in its description – App Store prices may vary from country to country so don’t worry about that.

5. What’s that API?

You are only allowed to use APIs which have been approved by Apple for public use. Apple uses an automated tool which can detect the use of private APIs, so you’d better avoid using forbidden APIs not to risk rejection. Got it?

6. Sweat it!

When the App Store was originally set up, many apps with extremely limited functionality were submitted. In fact, it was very common for companies to try and submit apps whose only feature was to open their company website, aiming at attracting more traffic. Crazy right? These kind of apps get rejected 100% of the time nowadays, or otherwise the already crowded sea of apps would be impossible to navigate. Work for your app: make it rich in content and features and appealing to the eyes. You won’t regret it.

7. Are you copyright covered?

You must be able to prove ownership or permission to use all content within your app, such as artwork, code and the overall concept. Should Apple have doubts about your content, you might be asked to prove ownership or permission to use it. So be prepared!

8. Be a nice human being

If your app contains racist comments, pornographic material, prolonged graphic violence or ridicule public figures it will be rejected 100% of the time. I’m sure you knew that, but just in case.

So there you have it! Follow these 10 simple rules and publishing your awesome app on the stores will turn out to be a piece of cake. Luckily, if you are building it with AppsBuilder, we can help you out hands on, and for any problems you can contact us via our Support Center. And remember, in the end it will be the individual store’s call whether or not to accept your app. In fact, this quote from Apple Store App Review Guidelines says it all:

Quote_apps rejected

So when your app will be happily showcasing itself on the app stores, it will be time to promote it! To learn more on how to do it check out our dedicated eBook.

App Promotion & User Aquisition Ebook

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  1. Great tips!
    Finding the optimal combination of Icon, Screenshots and Description is crucial for great App Store Marketing. Once you have a few ideas in mind, you should AB test your App Store Content to optimize your store conversions. Happy to help with free tips with !

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