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How Can Tourism Enterprises Benefit From Mobile Apps?

mobile apps and tourism enterprises

There was a time when people used to travel around the world with guide books, maps and different awkward printed material; that era has died out. The future is always on: it is portable and always in your pocket in the form of a smartphone or a tablet.

As a result, the relationship between travel and technology has become closer than ever, with more and more businesses turning to mobile apps to promote their services and reach customers in a more personal way.

Within the huge and diversified mobile apps market, travel-related apps rank as the 7th most downloaded type of apps. An amazing 60% of the total 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide has downloaded travel-related apps and 45% of the same group is going to use mobile apps to plan future holidays.

But what does this mean for the tourism industry? Mobile apps have become small businesses’ best ally, both to acquire new customers as well as to retain old ones. This is why tourism enterprises need to adapt to this new technological shift and make sure they are able to reach their customers in the mobile environment and become active part of their digital lives.

To get a sense of the scale of the mobile phenomenon in the tourism industry, we have collected some statistics and insights to get a grasp of the impact of mobile on the tourism industry.


travel related apps stats


In terms of national preferences, Americans, Germans and British appear to be most assiduous users of travel-related apps, as confirmed by recent data provided by Trivalgo Survey.

People who prefer booking hotels via mobile apps

Companies that have a strong mobile presence and regularly interact with their customers in a new media environment have also more chances to increase their revenue streams, as 59% of people admit being more likely to purchase products and services from businesses operating mobile.

To find out more about the benefits that mobile apps can bring to your tourism enterprise, download our free ebook “Tourism & Mobile” and learn how to build your mobile presence!

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  1. I’m writing a thesis about this, what are the sources for all the statistics you brought up?
    Kind regards
    Alex Meuleman

    1. Hi Alex,

      some of the sources are mentioned in the article. As for the others, here are some details:
      – The World Travel Market (WTM) Industry Report and Global Trends Report
      – Nielsen: Global Consumers’ Trust in ‘Earned’ Advertising Grows in Importance
      – 2010 Cone Consumer New Media Study

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