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Key Takeaways from SME Mobile Strategies 2014

Key Takeaways (1)It’s been awhile since we wrapped SME Mobile Strategies 2014, but just as we heard all week, learning how to develop a successful mobile strategy and presence never stops. We though we’d recap some of our key takeaways from the jam-packed, information rich sessions we hosted (watch them all here). So here we go, in no particular order….

1. Be Useful

It’s a theme we heard from almost every speaker and we couldn’t agree more. But, what does it mean for SMEs? To start, when developing your mobile presence (be it a mobile site, web app or a native app) think about your mobile audience and be sure to fill a need your business is in a position to. Mobile user behavior is different than desktop visitors and your  user experience should reflect this difference. Also, go beyond the simple “mobile-friendly” version of your website and think about how you can streamline features or include additional ones to better engage users who are on the go.

2. Get creative

Companies put a lot of creativity and time into developing apps, but often leave promoting appa to the bare basics. Truth is, your app will only be successful when people know about it and there are plenty of opportunities to get super creative! Where does a SME get started? At AppsBuilder we provide a ton of app promotional tools, but business should still look to infuse app promotion into their current marketing strategy. This could mean inserting a banner on your website, speaking about your app in your PR activities, inserting it in all of your offline marketing materials or investing in some advertising. Also…

3. Embrace video

Don’t you love videos? Well, guess what, so does your customer! Showing people the value of your app through video is a great way to get them to download it! Sylvian Gauchet from Apptamin explained how using video within the app features on your Google Play page (and coming soon also to the App Store!) let’s the user test drive your app, giving them more reason to download and a better understanding of the benefits (making them all the more likely to engage).

4. Think (waaaay) beyond the download

Of course, getting people to download your app is the first hurdle, but getting them to continue using it is an ongoing process. Nurturing mobile engagement should start after download, with a well-thought out content and push notification strategy, active feedback gathering and ongoing optimization. (Mick Rigby from Yodel Mobile provides a wonderful framework in his talk).

5. Ensure your social strategy is mobile

We’re accessing social networking sites more and more from mobile apps and expect that the content filling our feed is compelling vs. disruptive. With mobile users more likely to engage with and share company published content, businesses must think “mobile” when constructing content, posting and investing in advertising for social.  This boils down to ensuring posts are optimized for mobile users (including links to pages that are mobile-friendly!), taking advantage of built in targeting functions in the various social platforms and investing in advertising for mobile feeds, especially if you’re new to social and looking to increase your reach. For more on how mobile is changing the social game, check out our chats with Hootsuite’s Dan Spicer and Facebook’s Orla Malone.

6. Optimize for local search

Search engine optimization is a complicated beast (penguin, panda, hummingbird – oh my!) but one simple step that businesses with a physical address can take is to concentrate on local search. SMEs can do this by signing up for Google My Business, ensuring your online listings are correct (think industry listings, review sites) and engaging in link-building with local publishers. Wil Reynolds (SEER Interactive),  Bridget Randolph (Distilled) and Jonathan Moore (Equimedia) all touched upon mobile SEO in their talks and are must-see’s for any business banking on search traffic.

What tips did you find most helpful? Leave us your feedback in the comments below!


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