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Leveraging Black Friday & Cyber Monday for mCommerce success!

Holiday season is here!We all know what a shopping frenzy feels like: a mess! A good mess perhaps, especially during the holidays when the spirits are high and we all want to get the perfect present for our friends and family. Nonetheless, if you’re a retail business and plan on making the most of this holiday season, the next shopping momentum will start this 28th of November – aka Black Friday – and you will want to leverage it.

We’ve talked far and wide about how eCommerce first and mCommerce later have changed the shopping experience, but just to rub it in some more with extra fresh insights from IBM and Adobe, 2014 is forecasted to be a record-breaking year for both mobile and online shopping, with online sales increasing 15% between Thanksgiving (Nov 27) and Cyber Monday (Dec 1). And for the first time, mobile browsing is expected to account for over 50% of all online traffic during the five-day period (up 23% compared with 2013) while mobile sales will account for 24.4% of all online sales (up 9.5% compared with 2013).

So with all these great news, what’s to worry about?

Well, customers might be in the mood to spend some extra money thanks to the holidays, but as their attention span widens to look for the best deals and offers out there, it also becomes a lot shorter (mCommerce apps rise by the day and sometimes too much choice is just… too much). So that’s where you come in: the experience. How? Engage, engage, engage – that’s the secret.

Here are 5 strategic ways of engaging your mobile user this Black Friday-to-Cyber Monday.

1 – Create anticipation

If your customers have downloaded your App, it probably means 2 things: they like it and they believe in your brand. It’s great you made it to their phones, but you also have to stay there and keep your App alive. Use push notifications to announce that Black Friday is around the corner and so will be a bunch of incredible offers. Invite them to sign up for a special newsletter to keep them updated while highlighting other deals you have going on. Make it fun, and make it last.

2 – Target away

Geo-targeted services are the best: they allow businesses to raise the success response rate of their offers, and allow customers to get what they want when they want it. This particular time of the year, step the game up and use geographic or weather geotargeting for example, pushing special deals and offers that will resonate with your users’ needs. Put on the superhero cape and underline how delivering those top-notch raincoats to your customers’ door (because it’s raining outside) is just part of how much you value them.

3 – Offer coupons

With 66 million digital coupons redeemed in 2013, we’re sure there’s no need to tell you that you must have them ready for this holiday season. Use promotional pop up messages to send dedicated offers to your users and allow them to redeem them both online and offline – and if your redemption period is usually 30 days, extend it just for the holiday season so that users have some extra time to pick and choose.

4 – Create a special event

Everybody loves to be invited to a party, right? If you’re a small retail business and you have a solid customer base, feed that loyalty by creating a special event to kick start the holiday season. Both via email or through in-App notifications, invite users to a happy hour, test drive, trivia game, wine & dine experience (get the idea?) and tell them to bring a friend. Use the occasion for a sample sale, or a 3 hour frenzy of discounts on selected items – just a taste of what’s coming, that will bring old and new users to come back again. And while you’re at it, why not set up some beacons to send out exclusive messages or cross-promotions to your app users who are in-store!

5 – Leverage social media

This Black Friday to Cyber Monday time span will see millions of people around the world rush to find and conquer the best deals and products available. Guess what’s going to follow them around as well? Their social profiles. Dig into the social media habit and encourage social sharing of wish lists or favorite products, and invite users to follow your social media profiles to get the hottest news faster. Want to go above and beyond? Promote a photo contest with the best look for the holidays, the happiest face of a friend when opening your present, the most creative Christmas packaging and much more.

So – have you started the count down?

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