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Capture and convert more customers with an mCommerce strategy

ecommerce cover graphic onlyThere’s no doubting that eCommerce has changed the way we buy, and now mobile is shifting consumer behavior and claiming a bigger slice of the pie. However, an overwhelming number of businesses still don’t have a mobile strategy. So, why invest in mCommerce?

According to Internet Retailer, traffic from mobile now accounts for more than half of traffic for top eCommerce retailers, making mobile the primary vehicle for online consumers. Rightly so, mCommerce has grown from 1.8% in 2010 to over 11% of total e-Commerce spending ($204 billion in 2014). Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2018 mobile spending will account for half of total eCommerce spending, projecting $626 billion in sales.

To help businesses get a jump start into mCommerce, we’ve created this ebook outlining the key considerations for investing & developing your mCommerce strategy. But that’s not all. We also try to go beyond the aspect of simply selling to mobile customers by explaining how mobile is changing online commerce and how a well-developed mobile presence can improve your brand and increase your revenues. We also discuss how to adapt your promotional and engagement strategies to meet your mobile customer’s expectations.

Are you ready to increase revenues from mobile?


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