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3 ways to use mobile friendly forms in your app


Pen and paper: that’s how we all started, right?

We’ve all found ourselves signing ourselves up to receive mail, requesting appointments, or  filling out questionnaire whilst back in the day even multinational companies and institutes did their research by sending out printed forms. Ah, the old times.

Nowadays, it’s all smartphones and tablets, digital communications and savvy simplicity. Where the web transformed the face of forms for lead generation and market research (think SurveyMonkey and the like!) now it’s time for mobile to revolutionize the way marketers collect data.

Where the world of mobile has been made friendly with everything from optimization to location based services to mCommerce – here’s another tool to speed up and simplify the day-to-day needs of businesses (and users) in a mobile-friendly way: in-app forms.

Here are three examples of how you can start using mobile-friendly forms:

1. Mailing List Subscription


Whether you want to create a custom mailing list for receiving special offers, event invitations or newsletters, getting it done couldn’t be easier. Pick the fields you require your app user to fill out (predefined or custom) and design the look and feel to reflect that of your app. Tip: if you’re using Wufoo forms you can connect your form to your email service (like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or even Salesforce) so that you always have the most updated mailing list for your campaigns! Easy as pie!

2. User Research


Gathering data for research purposes has always been viewed as a complicated and time-consuming effort. Especially if the questions you ask (and the answer options you provide) are numerous. Mobile friendly forms can lend a hand by making it easy for users to submit their answers with a tap. Tip: Research doesn’t just need to take the form of long surveys, you can also include short questionnaires to collect valuable data about your users preferences and habits to better inform your CRM strategy.

3. Appointment Booking


If your business depends on booking consultations, reservations or appointments, this is the form you’ll need. Make it easy for app users to make requests from the comfort of their smartphone, while on the move or after business hours (like late at night when they’ve just remembered to contact you!) With in-app forms, you receive the notification when a request has been made and you decide whether to send confirmation via email or a phone call.

Different forms for different needs

Regardless of the style of form you include in your app, make sure you set it up to receive notifications and/or connect it to your email or CRM tool. Here at AppsBuilder, we’ve just introduced a quick and easy way to integrate your Wufoo forms, which you can set up as you wish! Intrigued? Check out our brand new platform and start experimenting with forms – enjoy!

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