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The £50 billion reason mobile can’t be ignored!


What if I told you that right now that your business is missing out on a piece of a £50 billion revenue stream?  You’d be asking me where to sign up, right? Well then what if I told you that the way to claim your stake is by developing your mobile presence? You’re likely thinking: Where do I start? How much will that cost? etc…

We get it. For many businesses, going mobile sounds like an insurmountable task. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often believe that limited resources and budgets are holding them back, while others still aren’t sure that they need to go mobile. In fact, in a recent survey we’ve commissioned with OnePoll, we’ve found that a staggering 65.8% of the UK’s 4.9 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) still don’t have a mobile presence.

SME Survey - OnePoll & AppsBuilder

SME Survey – OnePoll & AppsBuilder

That being said, with mobile adoption rising around the world (in the UK it has doubled in the past 3 years alone), customers are increasingly using their smart phones to find new businesses, compare prices and make purchases. With an average of 5% of all retail sales coming via mobile (The Internet Retailer 2014 Mobile 500 Report), UK businesses who fail to successfully present themselves to a mobile customer are at risk of forgoing a major slice of the pie – a  projected £50 billion in potential revenue that could come from mobile sources over the next 12 months.

And who wants to say no to £50 billion, right? So, let’s  throw away our presumptions about what’s holding us back on adopting mobile:

#1 – Cost

Budgets aren’t one size fits all – and neither are mobile solutions. Of those SMEs we surveyed who have implemented a mobile strategy, 44% spend up to £10,000, 55% spend between £10,000 and £100,000 and a mere 1% spend over £100,000.  Creating a scalable mobile presence is possible, no matter what your budget.  For example, small businesses can start small with basic features, and then add e-commerce or additional promotional tools like mailing lists, when desired.

# 2  – Technical knowledge

Again, mobile is more accessible than ever! At AppsBuilder, we’ve pulled back the curtain on app development and made it easy for you to build your own app – no coding or design knowledge needed. Whether you need help getting started with building your app or promoting it once launched, there are a host of resources and events at your fingertips (like SME Mobile Strategies, later this month), and we’re here to help you through the process, step by step!

# 3 – Is it really worth it?

Business owners have always been told, “Be where your customers are”, and mobile is the answer to being everywhere.  Whether or not your business sells a product or service online, developing a mobile experience for your customer is key to improving your brand, keeping customers up-to-date on promotions and increasing loyalty. Remember, making it easy for your customers to find out what you’re about and to get in touch with you is the first step to getting them through your bricks-and-mortar front door to make a purchase.

Mobile is the next frontier – your customer’s are there and it’s easier than ever to kickstart your mobile presence.  So no more excuses – let’s #getmobilenow !

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