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4 ways social media and mobile can help you get closer customers

social media and mobileSocial media apps are some of the most used  apps on any given smartphone, so engaging mobile customers via social is a winning strategy. But what are the tactics that will help you attract and convert your social mobile users? Here are 4 ways social media and mobile can help you get closer to your customers:

Develop your social media channels with mobile in mind

With 75% of smartphone users and 64% of tablet users checking social media at least once a day, making sure your social posts and links are mobile-friendly is not longer a tip, but a requirement. Provide a call to action (CTA) in your posts and tweets to drive traffic to your website, and leverage insights to understand the best time of day to post.

Also, keep in mind that some social networks boast more mobile traffic than others. For example, if you’re brand is leveraging Pinterest or Instagram (which boasts 92% and 98% of traffic as mobile respectively), ensure your strategy is set up for the mobile user in mind.

social media channels usage mobile vs. desktop

Leverage mobile-only channels

On that note, you may also want to consider using mobile only social networks like Snapchat, Vine and Instagram which are popular for tapping into a younger demographic are also to be considered, especially for consumer products, retail and entertainment brands. Although many brands are still experimenting with these channels, you can get inspired by the big guys for your own campaigns:

Infuse storytelling into your posts

Social media users are turned off by messages that are too promotional, so make your posts or tweets compelling, personal and share-worthy. Do this by digging to the core of your brand or marketing strategy and connect with users on an emotional level. Think of all the viral content you’ve come across on social media – from Red Bull, to GoPro, to Dove and American Express – the message isn’t the product, but a lifestyle, experience or ideal. Even if you don’t have a big budget, getting on a personal level isn’t impossible. For example, leverage user-generate content by posting a video or image of someone using your product / service in a unique or meaningful way and link to a (mobile optimized!) blog post or landing page so people can learn more about your brand and benefits, without getting too sale-sy.

Invest in social advertising

Unfortunately, the days of reaching new users on many social networks for free are behind us. However, the good news is that social media advertising can be done even on a small budget and can be targeted to specific users to help drive traffic and sales. Both Facebook and Twitter are leaders in this field, offering various options from promoted posts, advanced targeting for native ads and even the ability to set a budget to promote offers, generate leads or drive app downloads. Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram are also rolling out more advanced advertising offers for business, further propelling the motto that you’ve gotta “pay to play”.

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