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Key Takeaways from App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014

When it comes to app marketing, App Promotion Summit is the conference where the brightest minds gather to discuss the latest trends and best practices in ASO, user aquisition, monetization and data. I had the pleasure to attend last week in Berlin and left with a stack full of notes to share with you all. So here they are, some of the best stats, lessons and takeaways (IMHO) from this years conference:

App Market Country Trends

July to September 2014 has seen impressive month over month growth from Brazil for iOS and India for Android, far surpassing the US, UK, Germany and Russia. Definitely something to think about when developing for these markets!

App market country trends

Mobile Growth Stack

Props to Andy Carvel from Soundcloud for sharing this brilliant matrix of what pretty much any app marketer needs to think about when promoting their app.

Review mining

During his chat, ASO pro Tom Leclerc from Wooga defined review mining as analyzing qualitative data from app store reviews, with a view to increasing to app’s visibility or quality – or best yet – listening to users. Reinforcing the importance of positive reviews with the 9 of the top 10 grossing apps have less than 5% negative reviews” stat, Leclerc pointed to recording keywords found in your app reviews to help you gain a competitive edge, help you with keyword generation, undertake sentiment analysis and help you understand why your app may not be performing as you expect. Getting started is easy – even without a big budget – just download your reviews from services like App Annie (export to .csv) and analyse your findings in a simple excel doc.

App review mining - App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014

iOS 8 & ASO

The latest updates to the app store have had an impact on app store optimization (ASO) giving marketers a few new features to take advantage of when developing a winning acquisition strategy. Patrick Haig over at Tune presented the following slides giving us all a sneak peak at sentiment around the potential for new features to drive more downloads, as well as which features have been adopted so far.

iOS 8 app store video previews - App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014

iOS 8 app store - App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014

It’s no surprise that App Preview videos really steal the show –  research from Tune showed that video previews have brought a 16% increase in downloads after 29 days – motivating many to agree that this is certainly the year of video in app promotion.

Retargeting Lapsed Users

At AppsBuilder we’ve talked a lot about using push notifications as well as email for re-engaging lapsed users. Lele Canfora, Head of User Growth at Lovoo, shared their retargeting strategy which comprised of ads, email, social as well as push, to drive more engagement.

Retargeting mobile app UA - App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014

Using data Canfora explains how Lovoo retargets users, focusing the majority of resources on inactive users in the first 7 days after download. Why? Because after 7 days, the chances of getting those users back outweigh the effort. The key takeaway here is to understand when the “point of no return” is for your user, and be sure you focus your activities (and budget) on bringing them back in before they get to that point.

Using TV to Promote Your App?

Yes. And in fact, from case studies presented by Dynamo Partners’ own Stefan Bielau, users downloading an app after seeing a TV spot are 20% more engaged than a user coming from traditional performance marketing. What’s more, Bielau showed how downloads don’t drop off after TV campaigns end as much as advertising campaigns in other digital channels – resulting in a bit of a “carry-over” effect. The takeaway? With CPIs increasing, and the probability that you’ve already got a app preview video on hand, investing some budget in the right market, in the right time, could give you a great ROI.

Video Ads to Drive Downloads

Continuing on the theme of video, Si Crowhurst from Vungle brought his perspective on using video in app advertising with best practices on how to produce the best creative.

Leverage YouTube

In an unconventional spin on the topic of video, Michael Puriz from AppLift shared some success stories around reaching out to YouTube influencers to promote your app. As the most popular channel to watch video, YouTube can help app marketers reach that key 18-34 demographic.

Although the examples used were for gaming apps, AppLift’s framework can easily be applied to any app looking to leverage the power of the world’s most popular video viewing channel.

YouTube Influencers to drive UA - App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014

Listen to Apple

It’s rare to get such candid advice from the inside, so when one does it’s best to listen up. Georg Nietsch from Gutefrage, one of Germany’s most popular mobile internet sites sat down with Apple are shared some their ASO best practices. With the recent updates to the App Store with iOS8, Apple is keen to have app marketers focus on the app itself, and as they put it “Get rid of marketing blabla”.

ASO insights from Apple - App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014

Reduce barriers to connect

Although it seems like a no-brainer, make it easy for users to connect to your app if you want to make a downloader an actual user! There’s no easier way than with social login (who doesn’t have an account somewhere these days, right?).

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