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Infographic: The Mobile Ecosystem

The Boston Consulting Group’s recent data on global mobile access show us how the mobile experience has created a whole new universe of connectivity, which has changed our daily habits, the way we consume media and interact with the outer world (I’m very tempted to say the inside world too…).

In times when over 80% of the world’s population has mobile access to the Internet, and smartphones already account for almost 40% of global mobilephone sales, it is sensible to predict that for more and more users around the world, the Internet will soon be an entirely mobile experience.

For those who think that the mobile is just a passing craze, we have collected a few data and statistics to prove that this is much more that a trend: the mobile revolution has long begun and it’s here to stay. The reason why it is so hard to believe that this connectivity model may ever be abandoned is that mobile connectivity has become an integrating part of our lives; it is local (it follows you wherever you go), personal (customizable to suit all of your needs and preferences), social (your social world is there too). Most importantly, it’s always on! Open 24/7 to offer you information, entertainment, social interaction and much more.

In this world of opportunities granted by mobile connectivity, businesses are given the chance to play all their cards to achieve major sales and profits.

The thing is: is your business ready to take this challenge?

The Mobile Ecosystem

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