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10 tips for app store submission success!

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Getting your mobile app published on the Apple’s App Store can often be a complex and frustrating process for newbies. Given the number of restrictions and guidelines set by Apple, it is not uncommon to see your first app submission be rejected for unforeseen bugs or design features not compliant with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

That’s why developing your app with a constantly tested and updated platform like AppsBuilder can be advantageous – you can avoid running into annoying pitfalls that may lead to your app’s rejection.

That being said, you should still do some due diligence before submitting your app. Here are a few tips for App Store submission success, based on our experience:

1. Does your app crash sometimes?

If your app often crashes it may be easily rejected. In order to avoid this, it is extremely important to test your application on all devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Most applications get rejected because of different types of crashes (including crashes on launch), which could be easily prevented if the app had been properly tested in the development process.

2. Does your app description refer to functionality your app do not fully encompass?

Don’t to oversell your app or to hide functionality. List all the features and functionality users can expect to find in your app description. It is forbidden to include greyed out functionalities that will only be implemented in future versions.

3. Does your app become slow or stop working after a certain time or number of runs?

If your application becomes unresponsive after using it for a while it may be because of some memory leaks. You can use the Instruments tool in X-Code to test any possible memory leaks in your app.

4. Does your app description refer to the app price?

You are not supposed to include any reference to your app price in its description, as App Store prices may vary from country to country.

5. Does your app include private APIs not defined in Apple Software Development Kit?

You are only allowed to use APIs which have been approved by Apple for public use. Apple is now provided with an automated tool which can detect the use of private APIs, so you’d better avoid using forbidden APIs not to risk rejection.

6. Is your app design compliant with the Human Interface Guidelines set by Apple?

The Human Interface Guidelines describe the principles to design a perfectly user-friendly interface compliant with Apple requirements. By following Apple’s design principles you can be sure that your app will ensure a superlative user experience and thus won’t be rejected from the App Store for design reasons.

7. Does your app have very limited functionality, like simply opening a webpage?

When the App Store was originally set up, many apps with extremely limited functionality were submitted. In fact, it was very common for companies to try and submit apps whose only feature was to open their company website, aiming at attracting more traffic. These kind of apps are rejected nowadays.

8. Does your app allow you to collect users’ data?

If you collect users’ information through your app – such as name, address or phone number – you should always inform your users on the terms of use of their personal details and offer them the possibility to opt out. In order to do this, you should provide your users with a clear privacy policy to acknowledge the importance of consumer privacy.

9. Does your app include racist comments, pornographic material, prolonged graphic violence or ridicule public figures?

If so, your app will be rejected 100%, it goes without saying.

10. Can you prove permission to use all the copyrighted material shown in your app?

You must be able to prove ownership or permission to use all content within your app, such as artwork, code and the overall concept. Should Apple have doubts about your content, you might be asked to prove ownership or permission to use it.

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3 thoughts on “10 tips for app store submission success!

  1. Pretty valuable tips provided within! Although there are the strict guidelines and restrictions imposed upon by an Apple store (with an authority to approve or disapprove your app), it is always going to be much favorable if your app is made up bug-free with the best prototype features displayed on (& complying well with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.) – Else, your App’s efficient working patterns, technical strengths, precise functionalities, abilities to obey privacy policy & ethical practices etc. – do ensure a big positive Nod from the store!

  2. Hello Serena,
    Great post! I found all the information very helpful and effective, thanks for sharing it. I would say your tips are worth reading before publishing any applications.

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