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Welcome to a new AppsBuilder!

Welcome to a brand new AppsBuilder
If you’ve passed through our website today, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve gotten a bit of a make-over! In fact, today we’re launching a whole new AppsBuilder, complete with a shiny new website, support center – and last but certainly not least – a whole slew of improvements to our platform. So why the changes?

Our customers use AppsBuilder to create awesome apps, quickly and easily. To build on this experience, we want to create a product that allows you to acquire loyal, engaged mobile users and drive revenue. Our product team has been busy at work on a new release that improves the way you make apps, but also drives your growth and app success.

So what kind of changes can you expect with the new platform?

  • More intuitive page creation, access to great looking page layouts and more control over editing backgrounds, titles, elements & menus.
  • Content importing is a breeze thanks to a new feature where you can plug-in to over 60 content connectors (with more on the way!)
  • An improved App Marketing Toolkit combines our best promotion and engagements tools with the ability to integrate with trusted third party analytics, marketing automation and monetization platforms.

About that last point, we’ve realized that high-quality, reliable engagement and analytic tools is a top requirement of today’s app marketer, so we’ve decided to partner with trusted app marketing & measurement companies who specialize in integrated solutions. Starting today, new AppsBuilder users can integrate with Urban Airship and Parse to jump start their app engagement activities, while integrations with leading analytics platforms will roll out shortly.

We’re excited to have you check out the new platform! You can preview all the changes here!

Finally, we’ve made some updates to our plans and pricing. We’ve done away with the lengthy feature comparisons between plans, and opened access the a powerful, scalable app development platform that can fit anyone’s needs – from a freelance designer to a marketing team or agency.

So what are you waiting for? Try out the new AppsBuilder and let us know what you think!

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