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Why you should add video content to your mobile app

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You know what they say: ‘An image is worth a thousand words’. It’s hard to argue against that, but if you stop and think for a second you’ll realize there is another step to the journey: video!

Living in the digital world, we all find ourselves dealing with multimedia content on a daily basis – meant to inform us, instruct us or simply entertain us, video and audio content earned the engagement crown around the time YouTube took over the Universe, and for good reason. Why? Because videos show instead of simply tell.

A powerful tool able to engage widely to spread a message, a brand and everything in between, multimedia content gives its best on the go – aka in the mobile era. And the stats are there to confirm it: in fact 15% of all time spent watching video online is done using smartphones & tablets. To give you a better idea, think of about 50 million people in the US alone watching video on their mobile phones. And this trend is only expected to grow (eMarketer)!


Show it off!

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of having a mobile app for your business, to boost ROI, improve engagement and loyalty and deliver a more tailored experience to users. Combining that with the power of video, you land right here.

Here is a list of opportunities to leverage video and add it to your mobile app:

  • Events: if you’re hosting one to promote your product or service, or a gathering of business representatives on a particular topic (like the famous Web Summit for example, which adds videos of their talks every year for users to check out during and after the event), videos is what you need. You can start teasing your audience by adding ‘trailer’ videos that anticipate the event and invite people to sign up, and follow up afterwards with behind the scenes, interviews and more!
  • Product Marketing: wish to spice up the promotion of your products or new launches with dedicated tutorials? Create a series of HowTos or creative ways to integrate the products in daily life or on specific occasions: great ideas are always welcome!
  • Customer Engagement: maybe you are a small business, perhaps a vintage clothing store, and you wish to expand your social and online presence. Create short and fun videos of customers trying out your clothes and then integrate them in your app. It’ll be an effective way to engage users into the experience of shopping, rather than simply looking at a catalogue. Also, if you allow your audience to create their own videos and upload them on one of your social channels, you can then add them to your in-app video content – this user generated material will boost your customers’ loyalty like never before.
  • Premium Content: even if your business is about fitness and you have a gym, you can always take a step further and offer your users something complementary to your core, like workout videos that your users can look at whenever they want for inspiration or training. It’s not going to bring you money, but it will increase your users’ loyalty!

Once you’ve uploaded them on your YouTube, Vimeo or Vevo channels it will be time to showcase them: link them to your app and have fun designing – in other words, create the best canva you can think of.

With AppsBuilder, you are able to easily link all your favorite multimedia platforms directly into your mobile in a few clicks – choose layout, background and text colors, images and more.


If you want to include other types of multimedia content, there are other possibilities to leverage for your business: consider Podcasts or Audio playlists you can upload on platforms like Soundcloud. Arrange your app content in order to showcase multimedia in the proper way: for example avoid crowding the app up with too many pages and keep it simple – this way users will see it as a integral part of your content, rather than a simple side dish.

Depending on your business goals, target audinece and resources, you can always pick and choose the best features for your mobile app. To learn more about how you can engage your users, download your copy of our dedicated eBook on Mobile Engagement.



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