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2015 Mobile Trends to Watch: Our predictions for the future of mobile


With 2015 just around the corner, we thought we’d throw our predictions into the ring and stir up some inspiration for your future app marketing plans! We’ve already looked back at the news and mobile moments that defined 2014 – and what a year it has been!

So what’s in store for app marketers next year? Here are our top predictions for 2015 mobile trends:

1. Apps will get more personal

With geo-targeted push notifications findng a home in many app marketing strategies this year, we predict that next year many marketers will look to step up their game with increased personalization.  A recent study from Localytics suggests that targeted push messages, compared to generic push blasts, can double app open rates and triple app conversion rates. With more sophisticated tools for collecting & analyzing in-app data at their fingertips, app marketers are getting to know their users preferences and are much more empowered to tailor messages to increase app usage and drive conversion. We’ll likely see this taking the form of suggested content or products based not only on geographic and demographic data, but on a user’s viewing or purchasing history.

2. Remarketing will help increase retention

This year we saw a big increase in app install advertising products from Facebook, Twitter, Google and even Tumblr. As app marketers gain confidence in acquiring quality users with ads, next year will see a desire to optimize advertising spend by re-targeting lapsed users based on in-app activity. The major players mentioned above already offers re-engagement campaigns, making it easy for advertisers to send users to a specific destination within an app (aka deep linking). In 2015, look to see remarketing campaigns gain momentum on mobile as more networks roll out mobile app ad products and marketers really start leveraging the power of deep linking.

3. Beacons will go mainstream

In 2014, we were introduced to the beacon but we predict that next year we’ll really see smart adoption of the technology from brands everywhere. Mostly experimental, and largely used by major retailers, beacons have certainly caught our attention but haven’t gained mass acceptance – yet! In 2015, marketers will look to integrate user data to further personalize beacon-powered push notifications, giving them more contextual meaning in the customer journey. We love how Miami International Airport integrates beacon-power messaging with a user’s travel itinerary to give them up-to-date information as they navigate the terminal. We look forward to seeing more of those types of uses next year!

4. Video will keep killin’ it

With the introduction of video previews in Apple’s app store and the roll out video ad products from the likes of Facebook and Google, video was big buzz this year and we predict that next year we’ll see full adoption of video for app marketing.  Moving into 2015, app marketers should look to re-purpose app preview video for video app install ads and leverage the power of video for storytelling on social channels. Leading the growth, we look to the #1 destination for online video, YouTube. This year, YouTube’s mobile traffic is expected to hit 50-60% (up from 25% in 2012), with 98% of 18-34 y/o watching video content primarily on their smartphone. With eMarketer predicting that the video ad market is expected to hit $2.7B by 2017, YouTube will be a key platform for advertisers looking to reach mobile audiences and acquire app users.  But app marketers shouldn’t stop short thinking video is only for paid ads.  Thanks to Facebook implementing auto-play video in News Feed (think back to all those ALS ice bucket videos you saw) and increased visibility with Twitter’s video cards, brands can now get better engagement on video content, even with a budget (think DIY Vine videos). 

5. mCommerce is going to blow up

What do you get when you combine a global increase in smartphone penetration and improvements in mobile payment, security and usability? Some may call it the perfect storm. 2014 has been the lead up, and in 2015 we predict we’ll see the tipping point where mobile will finally capture a substantial share of total eCommerce spending. Driving the growth? Retailer’s acceptance of mobile can already be seen in facilitating customer showrooming and developing mobile-ready barcode scanners to help consumers with product research and comparision, but we think the big change will be seen thanks to mobile payment. Although we see the adoption of NFC as a big part of it, we’re actually putting our bets on what may be a sleeper hit; developing a brand’s own mobile wallet, similar to how the Starbucks app let’s you load money onto your account and scan at the register. Their idea to link gift cards and their loyalty program in-app was a genius move by the coffee giant, and we predict more brands will adopt a similar strategy to grow their own mobile sales in 2015.

6. Wearables, the Internet of Things & the Future of Apps

Smart watches. Health monitors. Fitness trackers. The world of mobile is changing. The wearable landscape got a lot of attention this year, and its has helped fuel more talks about a future where every device or object could be connected. “The Internet of Things” (IoT) has already taken off in technologies like remote control of home appliances, security systems and heating systems, but it’s the future of IoT that has grabbed many headlines this year. From innovations like Google Glass and the connected car, to the slew of new smart watches, the future of mobile apps looks to integrate them seamlessly into every aspect of our lives. I’m reminded of a great article I read this year from Intercom highlighting the shift away from viewing apps as destinations that people experience to the idea that apps sit in the background, pushing notifications to a central experience, dictated by the user.  So, are apps dead? Certainly not. Is the context of app usage changing? You bet! In 2015 wait and see how iOS interactive notifications and Android’s notification cards start changing how users engage with apps.



3 thoughts on “2015 Mobile Trends to Watch: Our predictions for the future of mobile

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  2. Agree with the future of apps. We are likely to see bigger improvements in notifications in the form of improvements. so it’s time to see what this can bring later down the road.

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