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How to create a landing page to promote your app

landing pageAlthough it’s not the most common situation, some marketers who develop an app may not necessarily have a website to promote it on. But this shouldn’t stop you from developing your app’s web presence. Why you ask?

For starters, creating a digital presence for your app gives you an online space to make announcements, link to support or blog posts, generate leads and most importantly, promote your app, in ways the Google Play and Apple App Store don’t give you the flexibility to do. Also, creating a web presence means that you’ll show up in search – helping you reach even more potential users.

If you’re not going to create a whole site to promote your app, the easiest thing to do is to create a landing page. There are a tone of great sites that can help you build a landing page with template specifically for promoting mobile apps. Here’s a quick list of some of our favs:

  • Instapage: easy to use landing page builder with various mobile app promotion templates, plus the ability to integrate to marketing platforms for email & CRM starting at $29 /mo
  • Unbounce: stunning landing pages, A/B testing and the ability to integrate with all your marketing & analytic platforms, starting at $99 / mon – or click here to save 50% for 3 months!
  • Kickoff Labs: landing page templates, A/B testing, email starting at $29 /mo
  • Leadsquare: full service marketing automation platform with drag and drop landing page builder, starting at $125 / mo
  • Wishpond: create unlimited landing pages that you can publish to your domain or to your Facebook page starting at $45 / mo

Regardless of if you use a landing page service or you build one from scratch, there are certain elements your page needs. Here’s an overview to help you build a landing page like the pros:

App Description

First and foremost, you want to clearly promote the name of your app and your app icon, with a brief description of your app to hook your audience! (If you need some tips on designing your app icon you’ll want to check out this ebook)

You can follow your introduction up with more text, explaining the features and benefits, or you can let your app previews do the talking….

path app landing page screenshot

Path uses clear value statements to engage visitors


App Preview

Since you don’t have to conform to the app stores specifications feel free to get creative – but always keep in mind that the idea is to show off the user experience. Use app screenshots to show off the features or produce a video to take people on an in-depth tour of your app. You can place the images or video in a slideshow, or display them inside your chosen device to give visitors a realistic idea of how the app works.

Soundcloud uses animated screenshots to showcase the user experience

Soundcloud uses animated screenshots to showcase the user experience

Call to action

Once people see how awesome your app is, lead them towards the appropriate app store for them to download it! If you’ve developed a cross-platform app, be sure to include the link to download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play, so you don’t miss out on anyone. 

Clear CTA are a sure way to boost your viral success

Clear CTA are a sure way to boost your viral success (Clash of Clans)

What else?

This is your place to shine so why not add in some user reviews, links to blog posts that feature you app, or Twitter tweets that mention your app! You can also use your landing page to collect feedback or emails, announce coming-soon features or answer FAQs. Plus, remember to add those social share buttons so that your landing page is easily shared across the major social media channels.

Include reviews and social proof, like Flipp

Include reviews and social proof, like Flipp

What about before you launch your App?

Why would you launch your landing page before your app is published you ask? Because, your landing page can help you generate buzz! Just because your app isnt’t ready doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leverage the power of your web presence. You can tease your app via email or social media, ask people to sign up for updates on the landing page and then email blast everyone once it’s ready to download. How’s that for a professional app promotion approach?

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