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Our TOP 10 Blog Posts of 2014

Screenshot 2014-12-15 15.27.08Wow, what a year! 2014 is almost over and it’s been a wild ride for the mobile world. With mobile usage definitely surpassing desktop by making up 60% of time spent accessing digital media, there’s no doubt it deserves its crown. And no wonder here at AppsBuilder, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Through this blog we really want to give it all: news, tips&tricks, infographics and much more to help you build an awesome mobile experience. So it’s within that spirit that we took a look back to see which blogposts ranked the highest this year, to celebrate 2014… and you!

#1 Introducing beacons: The ultimate tool for customer engagement

We have a winner! Beacons have emerged this year as an incredible tool to boost both customer engagement and retailers’ opportunities to expand their reach and offering via dedicated push notifications. For an extra overview of all geolocation-based technologies, check out this infographic too.

#2 Introducing Geofencing: How to use geo-targeted notifications

Geofencing takes push notifications to the next level, by allowing you to establish a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area and sending out dedicated messages to targeted users. And it’s also an incredible way to improve the mCommerce experience.

#3 Top 5 Mobile trends to watch

Who wouldn’t want to take a peak into the future? We put together the Top 5 trends to watch earlier in May this year, anxious to see how things would roll out: mCRM, Wearables, Mobile Payment… Curious to see how it turned out in the end? When you’re done with this one, check out a round up of the Top Mobile News of 2014.

#4 How UX design can take your App to the top

User experience has to be a top priority when building a native app or a mobile site – we’ve gone about it far and wide. It needs to keep up with the times and keep your users happy, engaged and loyal. And while it allows your App to shine, it also prompts app downloads, especially if you’ve taken special care to optimize your App content.

#5 How can tourism enterprises benefit from mobile apps?

Be honest: how many times have you used an app to find an hotel, check flights or read reviews about a restaurant? It’s the easiest way to get information quickly – before and during a trip, wherever it may be. The tourism industry has been leveraging that for a while, and for good reason. And not surprisingly, hotels are gaining momentum with the digital revolution, engaging guests like never before.

#6 Ten Tips to get your App published on the Apple App Store

Aaah, the publishing moment. A ton of doubts and fingers crossed. But you can avoid all that, by making sure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to be review-proof. While your at it, read word from our friends at AppTeak on why every marketing should work on App Store Optimization too.

#7 How to use mobile loyalty cards: Check In feature

If we’re talking customer loyalty, mobile apps are the perfect tool. Consumers use the average smartphone apps more than twice as often as they visit the typical mobile website, so that’s the perfect place to implement dedicated loyalty programs. In this post we take you through the steps to set up a Check In feature for your business, and while you’re at it, take a look at another loyalty card option: stamps!

#8 Key Takeaways from App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014

The APS2014 was a big event, the place where the brightest minds gather to discuss the latest trends and best practices in ASO, user aquisition, monetization and data. Read about it and start thinking ahead for next year!

#9 Native App vs. Mobile Site: giving your clients what they (really!) need

AKA the ultimate debate. As a marketer, it’s your job to stir clients in the right direction, towards a mobile solution that fits their strategy. In this post we go about all the pros and cons of these two options, to help you make the right pick!

#10 Wearable Tech: A look back into the history and at what’s ahead

The wearables frenzy is no news, but it keeps fascinating us with the ever-improving technology behind them. But where did it all start? You might be surprised to learn how casinos where involved… and also what’s waiting ahead!


So, feeling inspired to ramp up your mobile marketing strategy? Check out our dedicated ebook:


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