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5 sweet Valentine mobile marketing ideas to boost app usage!

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February 14th. Whether it means romance or is just another date on the calendar, one thing is for sure – Valentine’s Day is big business.

Ranking as the second highest holiday for spending (after Christmas), Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to increase revenues. Combine the latest research that  a quarter of Valentine’s Day shoppers plan to make some portion of their purchases online, (National Retail Federation) with the fact that mobile usage is quickly outpacing desktop, and businesses would be crazy to ignore the power of driving sales with mobile!

So how can your app engage users and boost business? Here are 5 Valentine-ready mobile marketing ideas to increase app usage, engagement and revenues!

1) Be My Valentine Loyalty Card

Create a dedicated loyalty card to encourage visits to your store or purchases in the weeks prior to Valentine’s Day. Have in-store visitors collect stamps directly in your app when they make a purchase and reward then with a special Valentine’s Day inspired deal. Watch out for timing though: be sure to start things around mid-January, with a deadline the week before Valentine’s.

2) Bring your partner and get a discount!

Valentine's Day Coupon3Did you know that the main factor influencing users to engage with an online business is whether they can offer incentives such as special deals, discounts or dedicated coupons? And what a better time than Valentine’s Day to leverage the power of mobile couponing!

Create a dedicated coupon for couples and encourage your app users to bring their partner along for a romantic dinner, a day at the spa, a 2-day break away at your hotel or whatever your products and service can inspire you!

3) “Gorgeous couple” photo contest

We live in the age of selfies and people love taking every chance to have their picture taken, even more so if they can show off their gorgeous partner.

In the weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, launch a “Gorgeous Couple” photo contest and invite couples to come to your place of business to get their photo taken on a lovey-dovey background and enter the contest for free. Then you can upload the photos on your Facebook page and encourage people to share their favorite shot via app.

The couple who gets the most shares will win a special couples-only prize. Leveraging the power of social networks will help you spread the word about your business and drive more visitors to your premises.

4) Love-inspiring push notifications

valentine day push notifications

With mobile, timing is everything. Push notifications allow you to reach out to your customers even when they’re not using your app and when you assume they are more willing to listen to you. Especially if we’re talking about a specific day of the year that is unmistakably time-sensitive!

And that’s not all of it – you can also target your audience based on their proximity to your store using geo-fencing, or direct app users to specific Valentine’s Day merchandise when they walk through your doors with beacons.

For example, US jewelry and gift retailer Alex & Ani LLC is using beacons to engage with iPhone-carrying shoppers, expanding the program on the eve of Valentine’s Day. In pilot tests ran at its Boston and NYC stores last year, more than 75% of shoppers viewed the company’s content and associated offer — 20% off of a bracelet. The result? 50% of those smartphone users redeemed the offer. Now that’s evidence of a chance you don’t want to miss!

5) Dedicated offers to inspire the perfect gift

Valentine’s Day is all about coming up with a fresh idea to surprise your partner and make that day unique. But where to find one?

Use your expertise to create dedicated content to help your app users create a memorable impression, from booking a 5-star dinner for a romantic night-in, to crafting a stunning Valentine’s Day card, or choosing the right outfit for a date, etc. Each recommendation will add value to your app and may link to your shop’s e-commerce section where customers can purchase the necessary items. Promote your content with an attention-grabbing push notification and give your users a valuable experience they’ll love you for!

By providing your app users with tons of creative ideas to spice up Valentine’s Day you will upgrade your app with additional services and give your users more reasons to check in to it.

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